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About us

FeelGoude is an entertainment company which main focus is to add that artistic French Touch to American entertainment industry. We specialize in event production & design, show consulting and directing as well as launch events for International and French brands. We also provide corporate parties, galas, and openings.
The company is owned and run by Alex Goude the funniest French TV show host, actor, director and executive producer.
His goal is to refine the art scene in Vegas by adding a French spin to it. He combines his own remarkable talent with the skills of a number of international artists he works with.

FeelGoude - The Fun Factory

What is the FeelGoude Touch ?

Creativity, experience, originality and skills, are absolutely essential for a project to succeed. Our team always comes up with an innovative strategy to refine your shows, boost your business, improve your communication strategies and enrich your life. Trust us and you will certainly feel goude.

FeelGoude Touch

"During 16 years of my artistic career (TV, theater, stage, film etc) I a lot of incredibly talented artists - musicians, chefs, singers, magicians, acrobats, dancers, directors, editors, designers, production managers, etc. I asked them to join us in order to create the artists’ association capable of meeting all our clients' needs. Together we have created a complete production line combining art, creativity and technology. Our goal is to reduce costs and optimize efficiency of your communication strategy to make it more effective than ever. All in a very FeelGoude spirit!"
Alex Goude - CEO

Our services

FeelGoude is very… Goude at making a show better. Working on the story, dialogues, set, stage effects and lighting he can turn a so-so show into an unforgettable spectacle.

Consulting director

With his extensive knowledge of TV, theater and production, FeelGoude helps art professionals worldwide to empower creativity and reach art career goals faster.

Artist coach

Already known for organizing launch events for many famous international brands in France (Orange, Activision, Microsoft, Givenchy, among others).

Producing and directing

FeelGoude cooperates with US talents and enrolls them for its shows never losing track of its French origins: bringing glamour, posh, style and gourmet cuisine to everything we do.

That French Touch

Working with numerous international production companies in France for over 10 years (Endemol, Shine, Fremantle, iTV, etc.) Feelgoude has the ambition to co-produce TV shows and movies in the US.

Film and TV producing

Feelgoude can bring out the best in any team and improve team performance by organizing Fun Team Building events.

Team Building

Points To Note

Alex has an outstanding experience in show business and over 12 years of directing career in France.

Our Goals

Brand-driven service

  • With us you're gonna sing I Feel Good all day long
  • Your shows will get better
  • Your audience will grow bigger
  • You will have a lot more fun
  • and that magical French Touch

Competitive Advantage

  • The head of the company, Alexandre Goudeau, best known as Alex Goude is one of the best directors, hosts and producers worldwide
  • He has an outstanding experience in show business
  • He has worked with the best talents worldwide
  • He possesses an in depth knowledge and understanding of American market

Our strategy

A very Goude one.
We are the most innovative, the funniest and the smartest guys in town.
One thing is for sure: we will offer you something exciting and if you don't like it - no worries! We can still be friends! Another important thing is that we have amazing talents among our team: you want best performers, best chefs, best stylists, best choreographers? We know them all!



Activision, customer Feelgoude! Edf, customer Feelgoude! Microsoft, customer Feelgoude! M6, customer Feelgoude! Marvel, customer Feelgoude! Givenchy, customer Feelgoude! Renault, customer Feelgoude! Sega, customer Feelgoude!

Activision - EDF - M6 - Kenzo - Microsoft - Marvel - Givenchy - Renault - Sega...


Alex Goude

The funniest french Tv show host and director comes in the US with his team of incredible talents !

Alex Goude


  • 2008-2014: host, writer and artistic director of some of the biggest TV show in France
    • - La France a un incroyable talent (France's Got Talent)
    • - 60 secondes chrono (Minute to win it)
    • - Total Wipeout (Wipeout)
    • - Les betisiers (France's funniest blooper's videos)
    • - Alex is the Tom Bergeron of France only better looking
  • 2007: Comedy guy in the daily show "On n'a pas tout dit", France 2 channel in France
  • 2006: host of the "People Show", a daily show on Jet Channel in France
  • 2005-2006: daily crazy weather guy on Canal Plus channel in France
  • 2004: Capman, a daily supehero show on M6 channel in France
  • 2003: Tv debut as host in "Zapping Zone" on Disney Channel in France


  • 2007-2014 : Artistic coach and director of many shows and french artists like Anne Bernex
  • 2010-2012 : director of the artists from privatejoke.fr website (one man show)
  • 2007 : actor as Cosmos in "Les homos preferent les blondes", very successful theater comedy in France, 400 shows
  • 2005 : Director, author and actor in "Theatrouille" crazy successful comedy at Theatre Comedia in Paris, france.
  • 2001-2005 : director, actor of many minor theater shows in France
  • 2001 : stage debut in "Tailleur pour Dames" from feydeau, in France


  • 2011-2014 : CEO and artistic director of FeelGoude France: an event company creating and producing many events for company like Givenchy, Orange, Activision, Sodebo, etc.

    Alex and his team conceptualize the shows then direct them and very often, host them too.


  • 2013 : actor and writer for Coca Cola
  • 2013 : actor for Seat (Volswagen)
  • 2009 : actor and writer for Microsoft Windows 7

Further credit

  • 2013 : French Voice over of Jonathan, Hotel Transylvania, a movie from Sony Pictures by Genndy Tartakovski.
  • 2003-2005 : radio actor for France Inter Channel in France.
  • 1995-2013 : famous videogame expert, professional critic and videogame tester for videogame companies.
  • 1995-1996 : racing driver in formula renault France

Incredible talents

Many amazing talents are involved in the creation of the shows : artists, comics, writers, actors, designers, choreographers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, interior designers and many others.
Together they form a cluster of artists that can best target your needs, offer innovative ideas and meet your expectations.

Too Goude to be true ?
Trust us you will not believe your eyes :)


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